S1E3 How to truly listen with author Mandy Preece

S1E3 How to truly listen with author Mandy Preece

August 17, 2020

The art of true listening and empathy skills. 

Mandy describes herself as mum, communications coach, motivational speaker, soul midwife and rock in progress. Mandy’s extraordinary role as an end of life bedside companion, led to her writing the ground-breaking book Being Rock. Exploring what it truly takes to listen, support, and be alongside one other. We know from our work that the ability to hold space for someone can be instrumental in growing both self-compassion and self-esteem.

Mandy’s communications training for hospice volunteers led to her receiving the Princess Royal Training Award and NHS Unsung Hero Volunteer of the Year 2019 and in our opinion, she is one of a kind.

You can learn more about Mandy at

S1E2 Making Peace with Food with Harriet Frew

S1E2 Making Peace with Food with Harriet Frew

August 17, 2020

Making Peace with Food with Eating Disorders Counsellor Harriet Frew. 

Harriet Frew is a specialist counsellor, supporting people to overcome disordered eating and find peace with food. Harriet currently works full-time for the NHS Adult Eating Disorder Service in Cambridge as well as writing, podcasting, and appearing on BBC radio.

In today’s interview, Harriet shares her own experiences with an eating disorder.

How diet culture impacts our well-being and self-esteem.

How we can support our children to develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. 

How we can begin to discover happiness and health beyond a number on the scales.

Food Freedom Coach

You can connect with Harriet via her website, listen to her excellent podcast at or follow on Instagram at

S1E1 Body Confidence with Emma Clayton

S1E1 Body Confidence with Emma Clayton

June 23, 2020

Building body and self-confidence 

Leading women's confidence coach Emma Clayton shares her own body confidence story with our members in this, the first of our exclusive Reframe Club interviews.

Emma shares powerful insights as to how we can begin to build the courage to show up in our lives fully, as ourselves, and foster greater self-compassion and body acceptance.

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You can connect with Emma or learn more about her work and the Confidence Code at: 💛
Instagram @emmaclayton.xo



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