S1E5 Overcoming Chronic Pain with adventurer Gail Muller

August 17, 2020

Sometimes we meet extraordinary people and sometimes we meet extraordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

Gail Muller describes herself as undefined by pain and driven by purpose. An adventurer, writer, and endurance hiker, Gail suffered from a debilitating chronic pain syndrome that impacted every part of her life. In today’s Body Stories Gail shares how she overcame terrible mental health issues and the prognosis that she would lose the ability to walk. How she never gave up and instead went on to undertake one of the most difficult treks on earth and achieve a lifetime goal. Gail walked the Appalachian Trail, southbound may I add, the harder way!

Gail shares her story of using the body she very almost lost, to achieve something really rather remarkable.

You can follow Gail at @appalachiangail or over on her inspiring blog

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