S2E1 Weight Inclusive Fitness with Becky Scott

March 17, 2021

Series 2 of the Reframe podcast launches today, with guest Becky Scott Founder and Instructor of @missfitsworkouts. Becky is working to help create a safe, welcoming and accepting health and fitness industry. 


We talk about weight stigma in the fitness industry, the true meaning of a healthy relationship with food and exercise, intuitive eating, movement and more. Open, honest and motivating. Well worth a listen!


Becky found body positivity and fat liberation in her early thirties after a lifetime of self-hate, ‘failed’ diets, and exercise regimes. By following bloggers and influencers she began to challenge her views on the diet industry, find peace with her body, and grow in self-confidence. 


Becky’s approach offers a great introduction to dance-based group fitness for those who don’t feel ‘at home’ in the gym – with a plus-size instructor who has designed routines with plus-size bodies in mind.


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