S2E3 | How to Get Better Sleep with Sleep Coach & Author Beatrix Schmidt

April 6, 2021

Do you never wake up feeling refreshed? Do you lie awake at night listening to the clock tick and the heating creak? 

Then this is for you.

In this fascinating interview sleep expert, Beatrix Schmidt shares a wealth of knowledge on how we can truly improve the quality of our sleep. No lavender sprays required!

Beatrix is a sleep coach, professional speaker and the author of The Sleep Deep Method.

Sleep is a fundamental but often overlooked pillar of health and wellbeing. Living within a 24/7, always switched on society means that for many of us, as our stress levels increase our quality of sleep decreases.

Poor sleep impacts our blood sugar regulation, our mood stability, our ability to function well cognitively and physically.

You can discover more about Beatrix’s work, her masterclasses, courses, and the complimentary session she offers everyone by following the links below.

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