S1E4 Discovering Intuitive Eating with Molly Williams

August 17, 2020

Intuitive Eating, Movement and Food Freedom. 

In today’s Body Stories we are chatting to health blogger, personal trainer, and Intuitive Eating advocate Molly Williams.

After a restrictive and difficult relationship with food and exercise in the past, Molly discovered food freedom through Intuitive Eating. Molly now uses her online presence to champion an intuitive approach to food, physical fitness, and mental health. So that others too can learn about the benefits of a more sustainable, flexible, and self-compassionate approach to food and fitness. Molly was recently shortlisted for Best New and Noteworthy Blog’ at the HBC Health Blog Awards.

Intuitive Movement

Health blogger and Intuitive Eating and Movement advocate Molly Williams.


You can learn more about Intuitive Movement in our coaching session Find Movement You Enjoy.

You can read Molly’s blog at and follow her on Instagram at @moll_eatsandlifts

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